Newsletter of the Bahá'í Community in Northern Ireland

Issue 58 - 4 Jamál 158 BE / 1 May 2001 CE

Message from the Bahá'í Council for Northern Ireland

Dearest Friends,

Eight of our fourteen Local Assemblies managed to reform at Ridván in spite of the major boundary changes affecting various areas. Assemblies were formed in the old districts of Belfast, Carrickfergus, Castlereagh, Londonderry, Newtownabbey and North Down and in the new districts of Coleraine Town and Newtownards.

We now go forwards with new exciting challenges and opportunities for all of us to play our part in the global Five Year Plan of the Universal House of Justice. The aim of this Plan is to significantly advance the process of entry by troops and this aim will continue to the end of the 1st Century of the Formative Age. [2001 Ce]

A historic meeting for future of Northern Ireland took place on Sunday 22 April in Ballymena. This meeting provided a very special opportunity to consult on the initial guidance from the House of Justice on the 5-Year Plan. A number of institutions took part. Mr. Shahriar Razavi represented the Continental Board of Counsellors, together with his Auxiliary Board members, Anne O'Sullivan and Denis Coyle. Conveying greetings from the National Assembly, Dr. Iain Palin said that the establishment of Bahá'í Councils throughout the world indicates that the role of National Assemblies is changing. Members of the Northern Ireland Bahá'í Council were also present together with the membership of the Training Institute Board.

During the course of the day Counsellor Razavi shared many insights from the 9th of January letter addressed to the Conference of Continental Counsellors held in Haifa. All present became increasingly aware of the great depths of meaning within this highly significant letter. It is the intention of the Council to share this historic letter widely with the friends who will, no doubt, wish to arrange opportunities for study of its' far-reaching consequences.

All attending expressed heartfelt joy and wonderment at the coherence of vision produced by this major document which gives us all the opportunity to "align our pursuits with the will of God." [Letter of 9th January to the Counsellor's Conference] Before leaving the Counsellor expressed his admiration that such a high level of understanding, maturity and unity of thought had been achieved during the day.

With loving greetings to you all,
Bahá'í Council for Northern Ireland

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