There have been Bahá'ís in Magherafelt for almost a quarter of a century and they have been involved in many local projects - environmental and educational projects being amongst the most important. In the 1980's we ran a prophetic series of lectures in the Arches Hotel on 'resources' starting with energy. Experts in various areas spoke and the lectures were very well attended. Twenty years later we find that much of the subject matter of these talks has become Government Policy. One local Bahá’í is a world expert in the production of biogas and electricity from farm and organic wastes. The problems of Global Warming were becoming very noticeable in the 1990's and one local Bahá’í family decided to do something about this practically. They designed and build one of the first 'zero carbon dioxide' producing houses in Europe [which was given a European Regional Development Fund award]. Many films have been made of this now famous building

Education features highly in the Bahá’í community and the Magherafelt Bahá’ís held meetings with 'all children together' - the founders of the Integrated school movement many year ago. The first meeting was not well attended but over a decade later a Bahá'í family promoted the founding of an integrated school in Magherafelt at a time when the only 'non-sectarian' school was under threat of closure. A meeting was called in 1997. Several people felt the time was right and a steering committee was formed which after a lot of sometimes difficult work on the part of many townspeople lead to the foundation of the Spires Integrated School. At the time of writing, one Bahá’í is a foundation governor of the school.

The Bahá’í writings give much weight to the empowerment of women in society and the Magherafelt Bahá’ís have helped with the Magherafelt Festival of Women which has been part of the May festival each year for a a number of years.

But faith is individual and our community is made of people who accept the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith and do their best to put them into practice. As the Bahá'í Faith has no clergy, or individuals in positions of personal leadership, all members are involved in its activities. Our community life involves not just religious observances and administrative meetings but also activities such as discussion classes, devotional meetings, study circles (courses for spiritual and moral development), and children's classes that are open to those of any faith or none.

We need you and everyone on the planet to join with us in the ultimate adventure, the creation of a peaceful, dynamic, encouraging global society based on the principle of unity in diversity, celebrating cultural differences and helping to remove the cause of war - prejudice. It is hard work, the personal rewards are few in this world. But it's worth doing and we would welcome some more helpers :-)