Newsletter of the Bahá'í Community in Northern Ireland

Issue 57 - 12 Bahá 158 BE / 1 April 2001 CE

Message from the Bahá'í Council for Northern Ireland

Dearest friends,

By the time you read this the 1st April Conference will be over and you will have met the new Counsellor as well as the Bahá’í Council for Northern Ireland. It is our profoundest hope that you all enjoyed the day and were inspired by the programme.

A special message to you all was released at this Conference and those who were unable to attend will receive a copy. In that message we mentioned the amount of work we have been doing behind the scenes in order to set up the administrative structure of the Council. It is therefore timely that we inform you of the many appointments that have been made.

Each member of the Council has been delegated various functions – as follows:

Pat Craig: Treasurer and Liaison member for CommuNIqué.

Edwin Graham: Secretary

Pat Irvine: Prayer List Coordinator

Pat Jamshidi: Liaison member for Travel teaching, and pioneering. Liaison member for Year of Service.

Marion Khosravi: Liaison member for Junior Youth Task Force.

Keith Munro: Liaison member for Bahá’í Youth Committee. Editor of CommuNIqué.

Vinny Robinson: Minutes Secretary.

Colin Rodgers: Chairman. Tree store.

Eddie Whiteside: Liaison member for all residential schools. Correspondent for CommuNIqué, New Day and the Bahá’í Journal.

The Council then appointed the following to various posts:

Elizabeth Palin: Travel teacher co-ordinator

Kamal Ma’ani: Pioneer co-ordinator

Kaihaan Jamshidi: List manager for NI News email list.

Dorothy Riordan: Child Protection Officer.

Susan Farrell: Child Protection Officer

Further to this the Council has appointed the following to various important Committees and Task Forces.

Training Institute Board for Northern Ireland:

Edwina Agahi; Denis Coyle (ABM); Rosemary Jamshidi; Kiyan Khosravi [CHAIRMAN]; Jim Holmlund [SECRETARY]; Peter Black, [TREASURER] Judith George.[VICE CHAIRMAN]

Bahá’í Summer School Committee:

Orang Agahi; Mahvash Graham; Yvonne Jamshidi; Tony Sherwani; Nasrin Khosravi.

Junior Youth Task Force:

Mahin Gornall; Diana Lynn;

Bahá’í Youth Committee:

Bryony Byrne (Secretary); Gawain Williams; Judith George; Mahan Hashimi-Zadeh; Kathleen Holmlund

External Affairs Committee:

Edwin Graham; Pat Irvine; Colin Rodgers; Sally Replogle. ONE MORE IS TO BE APPOINTED

Warmest love and greetings from the
Bahá'í Council for Northern Ireland.

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