Newsletter of the Bahá'í Community in Northern Ireland

Issue 59 - 16 'Azamat 158 BE / 1 June 2001 CE

Message from the Bahá'í Council for Northern Ireland

Dearest Friends,

We are currently in a state of gestation. The community, and especially the Council, is in a state of pregnancy with the Five Year Plan. The Council has laboured long in the last weeks and is still working hard to understand the essence of the letter of the House of Justice to the Counsellors Conference on 9th January 2001. We are also working to develop the new cluster structure for Northern Ireland which will be presented to you all in due course, along with the names and precise boundaries of all the new Bahá'í Districts – more than one hundred. This represents a four-fold increase in the potential number of local Spiritual Assemblies.

Much more important, however, is the deeply spiritual aspect of this letter from the House of Justice – teaching us all to develop a culture of learning within the community. This was not previously possible as we were not ready. The House of Justice now believes we are. So we are working very closely with the Training Institute.

All of you will receive a copy of the 9th January letter and especially local Spiritual Assemblies – eight in number – who are the 'divinely ordained institutions' within this Province. To this end the Council will very soon be entering into dialogue with these Assemblies. Then we shall see what will happen. Meantime, dear friends, we look forward to seeing you at the meeting with the National Assembly on the 9th June in the Fitzwilliam International Hotel at Aldergrove.

With loving greetings to you all,
Bahá'í Council for Northern Ireland

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